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Edit Footer Links

There are a number of links that appear at the bottom of all Jimdo websites by default. Our system provides these to make it easier to fulfill any legal requirements your site may have. The default links are:  

  • About
  • Payment and Delivery Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap


If you don't need these pages, or if you don't want to display these links and pages in the footer, you can hide them.


Go to Settings > Website > Edit Footer and you can enable or disable each link using the checkbox. 


Footer text

On the same Edit Footer screen, you also have the ability to enter some custom text or basic HTML. This is helpful if you'd like to place a basic copyright message or other small bit of text at the bottom of your pages.  To add this message, just input the text into the Edit Footer Text field.


Hide login link

Another link you will see in the footer is the one to log in and edit your website. While this link makes it really easy to log in quickly, you might not want your visitors or the world at large to see it. JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness subscribers can hide this link.


Go to Settings > Website > Hide Login and select the Hide Login option.  After your login link is hidden, you can still access your site by adding "/login" to the end of your web address. So for, you would go to


Once you are logged into your site, you will see the Edit/View options in the bottom right corner. Logging out will again hide the login link.


About page

A link to an About page can be found in your website's Footer, containing Jimdo advertising on all JimdoFree websites:


JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users have the option to remove this Jimdo advertising from the Footer.


This feature can be found in the Site admin by navigating to Settings > Jimdo > About Box.  


If you're a JimdoFree user, you'll need to Upgrade to be able to remove this box from your website.

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