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How To Create a Blog Archive

If you have a lot of blog posts, you should consider creating a blog archive page that organizes your posts by year and month. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to create a blog archive page. 


1. Tag each blog post

In order to archive your blog posts, you must first tag each one with the month and year. Since tags cannot have spaces, we recommend tagging each one like this: Sept2015 or 2015october. You can use whatever naming scheme you like, just be consistent. Once you get the style down, remember to add this tag to all of the posts that you write in the future too.


2. Create pages for each group of posts

With all of your posts tagged with month and year, you can now create a series of pages to link to your posts.  

Start by hovering over your navigation menu in Edit mode and click the "Edit Navigation" link.  Next add a new page called something like "Blog Archives", then make subpages for each year, with another level of subpages for each month in that year.  

Depending on the quantity of blog posts, feel free to make seasonal blocks like spring,summer, autumn, winter for each year instead of months.  

To make a page a subpage of another, use the right arrow button on that line of the Edit Navigation menu.

3. Add Blog Display Elements and links to each page

On each of the month pages that you added in Step 2, add a Blog Display Element. For each Blog Display element, set the Tag to be the same month and year as the page that the Blog Display element is located on. For example, if you're editing the Blog Display element on the August 2015 page, set the tag as August2015 (make sure to use the same tag that you added to the blog posts). 

Make sure to set the number of blog posts in the settings of the Blog Display Element to a number that is greater than the number of posts from that month, or simply set it to the 100 post maximum.

We recommend setting the Teaser Length to 1 or 0 to keep the archive list to be easily scannable by your visitors.

After you create the Blog Display elements for each month, you've completed your blog archive. Continue to add tags to future blog posts and make new pages for additional years and months as necessary. 

One other option is to hide all the subpages of your archive in your navigation. Then you could just add a text link to each page on the parent Blog Archive page that you created. This can help keep your website's navigation very clean.


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