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Google Maps

Use the Google Maps Element to add a Google Map directly to your site. You can also add Placemarks and driving directions.


Add the Google Maps Element directly from the Elements Menu after clicking Additional Elements:


Add a Google Map to your Jimdo Site

Setting your location in a Google Map

  • Once you add the Google Maps Element, type in an address or location in the Find a location field and click Search. This will center the map over that location.
  • You can pin the exact location by clicking Add a Placemark
  • Repeat these steps to mark multiple locations on the same map. 
  • If your business isn't showing up on the Google Map when you type in the address, make sure you have claimed your Google Business listing


Add location to google map

More Google Map options

Use the other buttons in the element to: 

  • Switch between Map and Satellite views (toggle in top right corner)
  • Show or hide map controls
  • Display Street View
  • Add driving directions
  • Use the zoom and direction arrows to set exactly how you want the map to appear on your website. 

Changing the size of the Google Map

The Google Map will resize to be as wide as the element itself. If you want a smaller Google Map, place the Google Map Element in a Columns Element, as we've done here. 

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