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Site Admin

The Site Admin is the menu you see on the right side of your screen when you're logged in to your site.



You may not see all of the icons below when you log in to your site—some of the Site Admin options, like Store and Affiliate, only show up after you've activated a particular feature.


Click Templates in the Site Admin to change your template or design a custom template using HTML and CSS.



Click Style in the Site Admin to adjust your site's Font Settings, Colors, Background, Blog Styles, and Store Styles.



Click Blog in the Site Admin to set up your blog, write new blog posts, and manage existing blog posts.



Click Settings in the Site Admin to access all of the major settings for your website. For instance, you can change your password, adjust your store settings, and manage your email accounts from the Settings menu.



First navigate to the page within your site that you wish to edit, then click SEO in the Site Admin to adjust the Title, Description, Keywords, and Robots Meta Tags for that page.



Click Store in the Site Admin to view orders placed in your online store and manage your inventory. 



Click Statistics in the Site Admin to enable statistics and then monitor the traffic on your site.



If you are in the Jimdo Affiliate Program, you can click Affiliate in the Site Admin to update your profile, review your incoming commissions, and retrieve the custom affiliate sign-up link for your customers.


Click Help in the Site Admin to find answers to all of your questions about Jimdo. You can also contact our Support Team using the built-in form.



Click Upgrade in the Site Admin to upgrade to JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness. You can also register domains and purchase add-on services like email accounts and secondary domains.



When you click a button in the Site Admin, a window will open up with more options. You can close this window by clicking the x. It's possible that, depending on the size of your screen, not all options in these windows are visible. In that case, you can scroll down to see more.


You can hide the Site Admin by clicking the arrow button next to the site admin. When the site admin is hidden, use that same arrow button to open it.