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Getting Started

It's easy to create a unique website with Jimdo. We recommend that new users watch the video tutorials below and then browse the rest of the Basics section in the Support Center before getting started. If you're a visual learner, make sure to watch our seven step-by-step videos for getting started.


1. Templates

Jimdo sites are all made up of the same parts. The template that you choose will determine the overall look of your site, and content can be added to your site using Elements. Each template is composed of five parts: Header, Navigation, Content Area, Sidebar, and Footer.


2. Header

The Header area appears at the top of every page of your site. With some templates, the background image will also show up in the Header area. You can add a title and/or a logo to the Header, depending on the chosen layout. 


3. Style Editor

The Style Editor allows you to adjust the colors and fonts on your website. Once you're in style mode, you can choose an element or feature of your site, and style it as you wish.

4. Navigation

The Navigation contains links to all of the pages of your site. Jimdo sites can have up to 3 levels of navigation, and the template you choose will determine where the links to each level of navigation appear on your site. 


5. Content

The Content Area is the main place where you will add Elements like Text and Photos. Any elements that you add to the Content Area will only show up on the page where you have added them.


More Information

Now that you've finished the Getting Started section, you may want to read more about the Anatomy of a Jimdo Site or check out our Template Filter for help choosing the right template for your site.