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The Header appears at the top of every page of your site. You can add a background image and a title to the Header, and the size of the Header can be easily adjusted. JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness customers can also add a Logo to the Header. 


To edit the Header of your site, follow these steps:


  1. Hover your mouse over the Header area on one of your pages. The Header is typically at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Edit Header button that appears.
  3. Click through the 6 tabs (described below) within the Header to make various adjustments.
  4. If you adjust the size of your header image, click Save Changes.
  5. Click Close.


Header Background Options

Photo Gallery

Click the Photo Gallery tab to see a number of free background images that you can choose to put in your Header.


Scroll to the bottom of the Photo Gallery tab and you will find a button that says More Photos. Click this button and you will be taken to a page where you can access thousands of other free and inexpensive images for your Header.


The first image in this gallery, which looks like gray and white squares, is a completely transparent image, which you can choose if you don't want any background image to appear in your Header.


Looking for a larger selection of images to use in your header? Find more image options for download.

Custom Photo

You can use a custom photo for your Header by uploading an image from your computer or by using an image in one of your synced Dropbox folders.



Custom photos uploaded to the Header area will be automatically resized to match the dimensions of your Header. It's best to upload custom photos with exactly the same dimensions as your Header, which you can determine by looking at the guide on the right side of the Custom Photo window. Continue reading this article to learn how to adjust the dimensions of your Header.


If you prefer, you can use a Pattern for the background of your Header instead of an image by following these steps:


  1. Choose a color from the Color Picker on the right side of the window.
  2. Click the pattern that you would like to use on the left.



The patterns will appear in your chosen color and may be contrasted with black or white. Often it's best to contrast light colors with white and dark colors with black so that any Title or Logo you add to your Header will be easily visible.

Adjust Header

There are four adjustments you can make to your Header:


  1. Header Height: Adjust the height of your Header in pixels. The Header width is determined by your layout and cannot be adjusted.
  2. Zoom Header Image: Make your Header image smaller or larger.
  3. Move Header Horizontally: Move your Header image left or right.
  4. Move Header Vertically: Move your Header image up or down.



Add text on top of your Header background image by clicking the Title tab. Type in the text you wish to use, choose a font, a font style, a font size, and then drag and drop the title anywhere within the Header area to position it.


All of the Title text uses the same settings. This means that it's not possible to have a second line that is differently sized or styled.


JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness customers can upload a custom Logo that will display on top of the Header background. Once you've uploaded the Logo, you can make the following adjustments:


  1. Logo Size: Use the slider to make your Logo bigger or smaller.
  2. Logo Position: Move the Logo left, right, up, or down. You can also drag and drop the Logo with your mouse to position it anywhere within the Header area.
  3. Frame: Add a frame or border around your Logo by first choosing a color using the Color Picker and then adjusting the width of the border.



Your Logo will look best if uploaded with the exact dimensions you will use to display it. Adjusting the size of your logo after uploading it can result in a grainy or blurry image.