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If you're new to Jimdo, understanding the basics of how things work around here is an important first step. Watch the videos below for a basics overview, and click through the links above to learn more.



Your website is live as soon as you register for it. There is no publish button, so you can enjoy it right away!

How to Use Jimdo: A Basic Review and Tutorial

Learn how to build a website using Jimdo. In this short tutorial, you'll discover how to add and update content, upload images, switch templates, add and modify elements, delete content, edit the navigation, and customize your fonts and other style options.

Part 1: Introducing Jimdo

Creating a free website with Jimdo is easy.  Follow along as we explore creating a new site -- learn the difference between edit and view modes and discover the many options you have for Logging In to your Jimdo website.


Part 2: Anatomy of a Jimdo Site

Jimdo uses templates as a starting point for all websites. Each template looks different but includes all of the same parts: Header, Navigation, Content Area, Sidebar, and Footer. Learn how to use each of these parts of your Jimdo website by reading about the Anatomy of a Jimdo Site.


Part 3: Changing Templates and Backgrounds

You can edit most of your content directly on the page, but certain things are hidden behind the scenes. Templates, Style, and Settings are all examples of things you'll find in the Site Admin. Start to change the look of your website by selecting a new template and then change the background of your site.

Part 4: Working with the Style Editor

Use the new Jimdo style editor to change your fonts, colors, and more.

Part 5: The Basics of Working with Elements and Content

Adding, editing, deleting, and moving elements are the most common actions you'll take when building your Jimdo website. Read about Using Elements to get a better idea of how to manipulate the content on your site. 

Part 6: More Advanced Working with Elements and Content

Craft a well-thought-out page of your Jimdo website by arranging text, images, and headings.

Part 7: Final Touches and Third-party Widgets

Complete your basic website and add functionality by embedding a third-party tool like a Soundcloud audio player or a Mailchimp subscribe form.

Don't Forget: Your Account

It may be a boring topic, but understanding how your Jimdo subscription works is important. Take some time to read about your Jimdo Account to find information about billing and upgrades.